Stage 8 total blackout load shedding eskom

South Africa will contend with Stage 6 power cuts again on Wednesday – Image via: Adobe Stock

Stage 3 load shedding to be implemented on Wednesday 10 February

From bad to worse we go. While much of Mzansi experienced Stage 2 load shedding on Tuesday, Eskom has just cranked it up to Stage 3 on Wednesday.

Stage 8 total blackout load shedding eskom

South Africa will contend with Stage 6 power cuts again on Wednesday – Image via: Adobe Stock

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Bad news Mzansi, we are in for more load shedding and not Stage 2 this time — Stage 3! Embattled power utlity Eskom said it would implement Stage 3 load shedding on Wednesday 10 February so if your electronics are not charged, you may want to plug them in and beat the power cut.  


According to Eskom, Stage 3 load shedding will be implemented from 13:00 on Wednesday afternoon until 6:00 on Thursday morning. 

The load shedding, according to the power utlity, is necessary as the power generation system is still severely constrained due to high generation unit breakdowns during the past three days, as well as the need to replenish diminishing emergency generation reserves. 

To make matters worse, the outlook for the power system is unpredictable and there is a high probability of load shedding continuing on Thursday. 

“Eskom will continue to assess and communicate promptly as the situation changes. This morning a generation unit each at the Lethabo, Kendal and Duvha Power Stations were taken offline for repairs, adding to the high number of breakdowns and units that have failed to return to service as planned,” it said in a statement.  

It currently has 4 858MW on planned maintenance, while another 14 521MW of capacity is unavailable due to breakdowns and delays. 

As previously communicated, Eskom continues to implement reliability maintenance during this period, and as such the system will continue to be constrained, with the possibility of load shedding – be it Stage 2 or Stage 3 — remaining elevated. 

“Eskom requests the public to continue using electricity sparingly as the system remains vulnerable and unpredictable, and we will communicate timeously should there be any significant changes to the power system,” it added. 


Energy analysts Ted Blom and Chris Yelland were not impressed with Stage 2 load shedding, imagine what they would have to say about the upgrade to Stage 3? 

On Tuesday, when Stage 2 was implemented, Ted Blom took to twitter saying; “Here we go again”. Yelland told The South African it comes as no surprise, he said it’s simply more and more of the same thing, with added excuses. 

“We can expect this intermittent load shedding to be on and off for the next two years, that’s what we’ve been told loud and clear. If it’s not wet coal, it’s hot weather, if it’s not hot weather, it’s rainy weather, windy weather, wet coal, dry coal, you name it. It’s all a matter of excuses but bottom line is that we have a power system that is not showing the necessary resilience, it’s completely abnormal,” he said.