harambee bus service

Photo: @MbalulaFikile / TW

Harambee bus: Ekurhuleni rolls out new fleet to service townships [photo]

The City of Ekurhuleni has increased its fleet of Harambee buses which service as many as 17 townships in Gauteng.

harambee bus service

Photo: @MbalulaFikile / TW

The City of Ekurhuleni will, on Monday, roll out a new fleet of 22 Harambee buses, a gesture of promise to township dwellers who will appreciate the expanded public transport options they will have.

Harambee bus: The areas that will be serviced

For the City, this new addition to their current fleet of Harambee buses is a step ahead in their Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN). This, according to the City’s spokesperson, Themba Gadebe, is a network of public transit systems that service the people of Ekurhuleni, and the greater parts of Gauteng.

This new addition, Gadebe noted in a statement, will “connect nine towns and 17 townships with an accessible and reliable public transport system.”

The roll-out phase of this new fleet of Harambee buses will start off by servicing Tembisa, a large township situated to the north of Kempton Park on the East Rand, Gauteng,

Where to purchase an Eku card

Commuters of the Harambee bus service will know that since July, they have been using a smart card to pay for trips. The introduction of this new fleet will also allow the expansion of Eku card kiosks, where commuters can purchase and reload their cards.

“The launch of the service extensions gives an opportunity to look at the rear-view mirror to assess and reflect on the impacts of the investment already made and the currently running operations, and will also hear from our daily commuters on how the operation of Harambee has improved their lives before taking you on the road ahead on our key focus areas,” Gadebe added.

Mbalula: We must continue to invest in public transport

For Transport Minister, Fikile Mbalula, the investment in the expansion of Harambee buses indicative of the government’s promotion of public transport use.

He may have caught flak for accusing motorists of being the cause of heavy traffic — instead of pinning it on South Africa’s ageing road infrastructure — but that has not dampened his belief in the public transit system.

As part of the launch, media personnel, along with officials from the City, are expected to take a ride on the new buses.