Grace Mugabe publicly drags Zimbabwean vice president

Grace Mugabe publicly drags Zimbabwean vice president

Zimbabwe first lady in the news again as she launched another brutal attack. But it’s only with words this time.

Grace Mugabe publicly drags Zimbabwean vice president

Fiery Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe came out guns blazing against vice president Emmerson Mungangwa at a youth rally where her husband Robert Mugabe also spoke.

She accused Mungagwa of socializing with ex- Zanu-PF members and encouraged his wife Auxilla to beat up any expelled party member she finds in her house.

Mugabe took exception to those who claim Mungangwa should replace her 93-year old husband because of his age.

“When these errant youths are expelled for indiscipline Mnangwana would be quiet and then it worries us when we see them at his house. So Mrs Mnangwana, when you see these expelled members of the party coming to your house you must beat them up, that’s what a responsible mother does, you must discipline your children, including errant ones so that they do the right things,” she said.

The first lady was the subject of controversy in August when she herself took the role of the“responsible mother” as she allegedly attacked three women she found in her sons’ hotel room with an electric chord.  This took place at the Capital 20 West Hotel in Sandton. It is also alleged that one of the victims was offered money to drop charges lodged against Mugabe.

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This was not the first time Grace Mugabe publicly dragged the vice president. Responding to reports about Mnangwagwa leading a faction in the Zanu-PF to take over from President Mugabe she said;

“At one point I received calls from people within the party who wanted us to go into the streets and demonstrate against Mnangwagwa because they were not happy with him. I told them the vice presidents are appointed by the president and they serve in a manner that pleases the president.”

Robert Mugabe has also expressed little faith in anyone who would succeed him, saying he is not ready to step down as anyone besides himself would lose were they to contest in the next elections.