Gov reverses SA’s withdrawal f

Gov reverses SA’s withdrawal from International Criminal Court, we’re staying put

Following an application by the DA, the Pretoria High Court ruled that government’s decision to leave the ICC is unlawful and must be withdrawn.

Gov reverses SA’s withdrawal f

The South African government on Tuesday informed the United Nations that we would not, as the ANC had hoped, be leaving the International Criminal Court, following a ruling by the Pretoria High Court that the move was unconstitutional as only parliament can make that call.

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While the ruling party no doubt still believes it has the right to withdraw South Africa from international obligations willy-nilly, the constitution disagrees. Anyway, back in February the High Court ruled in favour of the Democratic Alliance and agreed that the instrument of withdrawal was “unconstitutional.”

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That must be one heck of a pain in Zuma’s backside, what with his name at the top of the list of people who broke international law  — and disobeyed the ICC –in helping accused genocidal maniac Omar al-Bashir escape arrest when he was in South Africa in 2015.