Mayoral Mansion

Good Governance: Tshwane council votes to sell multi-million Mayoral Mansion

The Mayoral mansion for the City of Tshwane will finally be sold. The DA’s Solly Msimanga originally suggested the idea back in July.

Mayoral Mansion

The Democratic Alliance (DA) announced back in July that the City Of Tshwane will sell the mayoral mansion that it inherited from previous ANC government. Why are they selling it you may ask? The party says that the decision was made “in order to prioritise bringing better services to Tshwane residents, particularly those living in informal settlements.”

Fast forward to the end of September and the Tshwane Council has officially voted to sell the mansion.

Back in July, Msimanga described the mansion as unnecessary.

“I am happy to announce that the City will officially be selling the Mayoral Mansion which we have long believed is unnecessary and can free up funds to embark on other meaningful projects and programmes for the people of Tshwane who, as I have long asserted, are our true VIPs.”

When Msimanga took over as Mayor, he refused to move into the mansion that “can be sold for a minimum of R5 million. The R5 million might seem like a lot, but even more strange is the fact that the ANC previously spent R12 million “renovating” the house.

While the latest valuation confirmed the R5 million figure, it also revealed numerous defects to the house’s exterior and interior walls. Msimanga and team say that this is a clear indication that the ANC R12 million for “renovations” just went into the “pockets of a few”.

The mansion has five bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, an entrance foyer, dining room, lounge, TV room, family room, scullery, pantry and a fully fitted kitchen.

Oh, let’s not forget about the study and two outside staff rooms.

The DA may have their problems, but this a move from Msimanga that deserved to be applauded. Let’s hope that money goes straight back into providing service delivery for ALL residents in the City of Tshwane.