Gavin Watson Bosasa Auction

Funeral service for late Bosasa boss Gavin Watson was held at the Feather Market Hall in Port Elizabeth. Photo: Raahil Sain / ANA

Gavin Watson latest: Mysterious cell phone activity baffles family

As the family of Gavin Watson continue to solve the puzzle of his bizarre death, one item in particular has piqued interest – his “moving” cell phone.

Gavin Watson Bosasa Auction

Funeral service for late Bosasa boss Gavin Watson was held at the Feather Market Hall in Port Elizabeth. Photo: Raahil Sain / ANA

The death of Gavin Watson was always going to have the potential to spark a myriad of conspiracy theories. But, rather than just a buzzing hive of social media commenters doing their best Sherlock Holmes impressions, some of the more intriguing plot points have been raised by Watson’s family and the case’s official reports.

Gavin Watson’s death and conspiracy theories

We are very close to seeing a finalised police report into the matter. As IOL have stated, the Watson family are in possession of two vital documents: An accident expert report and a pathology report. But they still haven’t been able to resolve one of the most puzzling parts of this entire investigation.

Gavin Watson was declared dead at the end of August, after the former Bosasa CEO crashed his Toyota Corolla into a concrete pillar while travelling through Kempton Park. A lack of skid-marks or any attempt to prevent his fate suggests that the business supremo had died shortly before his car slammed into the structure.

Family want “phone issue” resolved

The investigation has had the opposite impact of what was intended: Instead of putting a few rumours to bed, this version of events only gives credence to some of the ludicrous theories doing the rounds. Some people believe that it failed to answer key questions – concerns have been raised about a “staged” crash and the mysterious identity of an alleged client who was meeting with Gavin Watson on the day.

However, those wild theories have taken a back seat. Jared Watson is Gavin’s nephew, and he works in law. The relative even helped compile the Bosasa chief’s case which was due to be heard at SARS, just 24 hours before his death. According to the younger Watson, the biggest unsolved issue on the table is that of his uncle’s cell phone.

Gavin Watson – latest news:

It’s been well-documented that Gavin Watson’s phone was found to be “on the move” days after his death. Jared has confirmed the family discovered the same thing during their last attempt to trace the device. With the much-anticipated police report set to be released soon, this is one of the most pressing matters to answer:

“We are still waiting on the tracking data from the phone, as well as video evidence from before the accident, amongst other things. We’re trying to understand what was going on there. So we are waiting, we want the cops to give us the tracking information from the phone and call records and stuff like that,”

Jared Watson

With Watson’s death, there are secrets he will take to the grave with him. Out of sheer human nature, South Africans are ultimately frustrated that this could close several avenues into a forensic analysis of their own, personal state capture. Conspiracies will circulate, but ultimately, the police are keen to pursue any inquiries through their ongoing culpable homicide investigation