Gavin Watson

Gavin Watson: Family suspect foul play in former Bosasa CEO’s death

The family of late Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson are unhappy with how the scene of his death was handled and have hired a private investigator.

Gavin Watson

The family of Gavin Watson have questioned numerous alleged inconsistencies regarding how the scene of the death of the former Bosasa CEO was handled.

Watson’s nephew Jared revealed the family’s misgivings in an interview with newspaper Sunday World

The Toyota Corolla Watson was driving struck a pillar near OR Tambo International Airport on Monday. Watson was due to testify at the State Capture Inquiry regarding tax evasion and money laundering on Tuesday.

Gavin Watson’s belongings not subjected to forensic testing

Jared told the Sunday newspaper that his uncle’s belongings, which were found in the wreck, were not placed in an evidence bag, and did not undergo any forensic testing. 

“The glasses were not damaged at all, he was on blood thinners but there was very little blood,” Jared said.

“All of these objects were just in abandoned property, the scene was not secured to preserve evidence, which is standard procedure, we are told.”

The Possessions found at the scene reportedly include R70 in cash in his wallet which also contained his ID card and driver’s license. There was no luggage in the car and his passport was not in the wreck or on his person. Watson wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. 

The family have asked to be shown the photos taken at the accident scene, to determine whether the area where the car ended up was properly secured. 

There has been speculation on whether he crashed into the bridge pillar on purpose to commit suicide or whether he suffered a heart attack or other medical problem, or even whether he was murdered. Suspicion has arisen because there were no skidmarks on the tarmac and the stretch of road where he crashed isn’t covered by CCTV footage.

Watson’s phone was not on his person nor could it be located at his home. The phone was traced to Brickfield Road in Germiston, an hour later it was tracked to Bryanston but by late Monday evening the phone could no longer be tracked.

“It makes no sense,” Jared added. “No vagrant hangs out in Germiston all day then drives to Bryanston at 8 pm.”

Tax rumours rubbished

Jared rubbished rumours regarding a Guernsey offshore tax haven in which Watson allegedly stashed as much as half a billion rand. 

It is unknown at this time how Watson’s death has affected the State Capture inquiry. 

The inconsistencies surrounding the crash and failures of the police have prompted the family to hire a private car crash investigator.