Fort Hare

The University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape
Image via: @ufh1916 / Twitter

Hawks arrest cleaning company owners over R14m ‘fraud’ at Fort Hare Uni

R14 million for cleaning services! The Hawks have made progress in busting a cleaning company believed to have fraudulently scored millions from the University of Fort Hare.

Fort Hare

The University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape
Image via: @ufh1916 / Twitter

When will the constant reports of corruption and fraud come to an end? After billions in illegal contracts during the COVID pandemic, the Hawks are also looking further back. The group are sharpening their case against a cleaning company that received more than R14 million from the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape.

University of Fort Hare, the Hawks and R14 million for cleaning

The Hawks revealed this week that the two men behind Qush Cleaning and Garden Services have been released on R500 000 bail.

Yolisha Qusheka Songca and Walter Qusheka are the sole signatories for the company.

In 2013, the University of Fort Hare and Qush Cleaning entered into a contract.

Now, this wasn’t a small contract by any means. According to the Hawks, the university agreed to pay the company R750 000 monthly for services specified in the contract.

‘Additional services’ and staff payments

The problem came when things that needed to be done, were left out of the contract terms altogether.

“The contract is reported to have excluded certain cleaning services the company had to render on a monthly basis. Allegations are that for any additional services outside the contract, the company would claim separately and be paid.”

Hawks Captain Yolisa Mgolodela

It seems there may have been an inside man at the university too.

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The Hawks say that all extra quotes were approved by the university. For that “extra” work, Qush received R13.9 million from Fort Hare.

An inside employee at the university was then allegedly paid R4.1 million by the company.

The suspects involved in the Fort Hare investigations were all arrested on Friday and are set to appear in court on the 14th of April.