eThekwini municipality affirms safety of potable water.

eThekwini municipality affirms safety of potable water. Image: iStock

eThekwini municipality affirms safety of potable water amidst false rumors

eThekwini Municipality addresses false rumors, assuring residents of clean, safe drinking water, and their commitment to quality water.

eThekwini municipality affirms safety of potable water.

eThekwini municipality affirms safety of potable water. Image: iStock

In response to recent false rumors circulating in the community, eThekwini Municipality issued a public notice to reassure residents about the safety and quality of their potable water supply. The municipality has emphasised its commitment to maintaining clean and safe drinking water for its residents.

The public notice from eThekwini Municipality made it clear that the circulated messages were unrelated to the City, dispelling any concerns that may have arisen.

“We assure residents that our potable water is of
good quality and is safe for drinking,” said eThekwini Municipality.

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The municipality’s primary focus remains on providing its residents with access to clean and safe drinking water.

Experts responsible for monitoring and testing of the water supply

A dedicated team of experts from eThekwini Municipality is responsible for the continuous monitoring and testing of the water supply.

Image: Twitter/@eThekwiniM

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Their vigilance ensures that the water complies with the South African National Standard 241 for drinking water requirements. This rigorous standard guarantees that the water not only meets safety guidelines but also maintains a high level of quality.

Residents have been urged to rely exclusively on official communications distributed through the City’s authorised platforms. This ensures that they receive accurate and up-to-date information directly from the municipality, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their water consumption and related matters.

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The eThekwini Municipality reaffirms its unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of the community. The potable water supply is and will continue to be safe and of excellent quality for consumption.

eThekwini residents assured that drinking water is safe

The municipality appreciates the trust and confidence residents place in its dedication to their safety, promising to continually meet and exceed expectations.

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eThekwini Municipality wants to ensure residents that their drinking water is safe and of the highest quality, and they encourage the community to stay informed through official channels for accurate and reliable information.