Emergency: Six lifesaving numb

Emergency: Six lifesaving numbers you need

An emergency can happen at any time. Would YOU know who to call if you needed poison control, or immediate police assistance?

Emergency: Six lifesaving numb

Emergencies happen every day, and there are some numbers that should be on every speed dial and phone-book in South Africa. Would you know who to call if you needed poison control, or immediate police or ambulance assistance?

Here are the phone numbers that could save your life, or rescue someone else’s.

1. Emergencies: Children and Welfare

Childline runs a 24-hour, toll free number for emergencies related to children and their welfare.

Abuse, emotional support, and referral to counsellors or social services can be arranged via Childline.

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Contact +27 80 005 5555 to reach the Childline National Helpline.

2. Emergencies: Police Services

Emergency police dispatch (national) can be reached at 10111. Call 112 from most mobile networks for SAPS-related emergencies.

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The SAPS also maintains a website page with police stations near you.

3. Electricity: Eskom Emergency Reports

Serious electricity faults and theft can be reported directly to Eskom using their national hotline.

Live electricity faults can be life-threatening emergencies. Electricity theft and illegal power connections can also be dangerous, as safety precautions usually aren’t taken by thieves.

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Contact Eskom at +27 86 003 7566.

4. Snakebites: The African Snakebite Institute

Snakes are common in Southern Africa, but most people wouldn’t know what to do in a snakebite situation.

Contact the African Snakebite Institute directly via their emergency number: +27 82 494 2039.

Information about snakes and venom is also available from the same website, as well as an extended list of who to contact for snake encounters.

5. Poisons: Tygerberg Poison Hotline

The Tygerberg Poison Information Centre is a 24-hour hotline, which can be called by medical professionals and the general public. Contact the Tygerberg Poison Information Center at this number: +27 21 931 6129.

If you are able to identify the substance someone has ingested, keep all information handy for first-responders: it could save someone’s life.

Their website is also available at this link.

6. Ambulance Services for Medical Emergencies

National ambulance services are available by calling 10177, or by calling 112 and asking for a referral.

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Private ambulance services are available from Netcare at 082 911.