Elsenburg agricultural student

Elsenburg agricultural students whipped with sjamboks by EFF protesters [video]

The EFF students, who want all subjects to be taught in English and no Afrikaans, attacked students who wanted to write their tests and get into the barricaded lecture room.

Elsenburg agricultural student

Chaos erupted at Stellenbosch University’s Elsenburg campus as higher certificate students who are part of the EFF blockaded a lecture hall where tests were meant to take place this morning.

After lecturers had the chains cut, some students tried to get into the hall to continue their studies, but the EFF would have none of it and used sjamboks to assault any students who tried to go to class, and at least one student suffered wounds inflicted by the protesters.

elsenburg assault

According to News24, the protesting students want all subjects at the traditionally Afrikaans University to be taught in English.