Elon Musk Joe Rogan

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Elon Musk has outlined his bonkers plans to stop the threat of AI

Are the machines ready to rise up against mankind? Elon Musk certainly thinks so. But our eccentric billionaire has an ace up his sleeve.

Elon Musk Joe Rogan

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There was a very famous tagline for one the Batman Begins movie, which read: “To conquer fear, you must become fear”. Well, it seems Elon Musk is applying that mantra to the very real danger of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Worried that drone-technology now has the power to seek out targets based on facial recognition, Musk sees this as the beginning of an AI uprising. In an interview with Axios, the South African born billionaire explains the existential threat is already putting the world in jeopardy:

“You could make a swarm of assassin drones for very little money. By just taking the face I.D. chip that’s used in cell phones, and having a small explosive charge and a standard drone, and just have it do a grid sweep of the building until they find the person they’re looking for, ram into them and explode. You could do that right now. . . . No new technology is needed.”

Elon Musk on AI threats.

How Elon Musk plans to defeat AI

The entrepreneur has lamented how slow governments across the world have been in combating this problem, and points fingers at Washington DC’s “slow and linear” regulation. However, our very own rocket-man isn’t about to go down without a fight.

The Pretorian is looking to “fuse” human intelligence with android technology. He wants to install an electrode-to-neuron interface (that’s a computer chip and a few wires, to you and me) to a human brain, that will help enhance the limits of the mind and body. Essentially, he wants to turn humans into cyborgs.

What is the threat from AI?

Musk is terrified that our super-smart, autonomous machines will one day rise up against mankind. He believes that humans will be forced to live in small patches of earth – like wild animals – as advanced technology wrestles its way to dominance.

“We’re like children in a playground. We’re not paying attention. We worry more about what name somebody called someone else. . . [rather] than whether AI will destroy humanity. That’s insane.”

Elon Musk

Other super-geniuses – such as the late Stephen Hawking – also believe that our technology will one day usurp us. As Musk says, if we cannot beat them, we must join them. And if you’re offering out bionic body parts, Elon, our staff would love a few bionic hands on board for those particularly hectic news days.