Elections 2021

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Elections 2021: “EFF has won wards in Zimbabwe”- SA trolls Malema

Elections 2021 results are not finalised, but Mzansi is already laughing at the EFF. “Empty tin makes a lot of noise,” said one comment.

Elections 2021

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Elections 2021 has surprised all competing parties in one way or the other, and maybe a lot more if your identity with the EFF. As confirmed by the IEC on Tuesday, of the 26 million people registered to vote, only 12 million cast their ballots.


Previews of this year’s voting D-Day predicted the red berets to enjoy an increased share of the vote, while its competitors – the ANC and DA – were tipped to decline.

However, as of Tuesday afternoon, the ANC was leading the way in eight of our nine provinces, the DA followed behind with 24% while the EFF received about 9.5% of all ballots cast so far.

Has it been a huge flop for Julius Malema’s army? Mzansi certainly believes so.


Among the ridiculous trolling there has been somewhat of a post-mortem on why the EFF hasn’t performed as expected in the elections 2021. Large sections of the population claim the party’s prominent policy to open borders to all foreign African nationals was a bad move.

Some critics simply feel Malema and the EFF are radically too loudly aggressive to attract votes.

Below are some comments that stood out from the sea of criticism.

  • “I think EFF Immigration Policy is going to harm them very bad. They forgot that this is a country with a culture of xenophobia. Malema must just apologise to his people and say he was joking,” @felix_mothemane said.
  • “South Africans are rejecting the EFF. You can shy away from that bitter fact by calling people names, but numbers don’t lie. Yes EFF is growing, but this rate is not what we expect. Black people rather vote for racist DA than a pro black party. A sad rejection,” @SithaleKgaogelo claimed.
  • “Congratulations to the EFF for winning elections on twitter, again,” @abednego82 said.

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