Malema EFF union

EFF leader, Julius Malema delivers a speech, 9/1/2022 – Image: EFF/ Twitter

‘Consequences of sponsoring vigilante groups’: EFF on Diepsloot murder

The EFF lashed out at those allegedly responsible for the murder of Diepsloot resident, Elvis Nyathi who was stoned and torched to death.

Malema EFF union

EFF leader, Julius Malema delivers a speech, 9/1/2022 – Image: EFF/ Twitter

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says the murder of Elvis Nyathi in Diepsloot, Soweto is the consequence of endorsing and sponsoring vigilante groups by the ruling party. 

On Wednesday, Diepsloot residents had blocked roads and protested about crime spiraling out of control in the area. They also accused police of not acting.


Seven people were allegedly killed in Diepsloot in the past week and are all believed to be South African.

Police Minister, Bheki Cele along with SAPS National Commissioner and other officials visited the township yesterday, but it seems the visit was in vain as the violence continued overnight.

Operation Dudula leader, Nhlanhla Lux was also present but other Diepsloot leaders accused him hijacking their protest.

The EFF said Nyathi lost his life because a group of people have enforced a dompass system in Johannesburg. This has resulted in harassment, invasion of property, theft, assault and extortion. 

“These vigilante groups attribute all crimes in this country to foreign nationals, without any scientific or crime statistics to corroborate their claims.

“As a result, it has become a syndicate that extorts people, hijacks houses, loots African-owned retail outlets, burns the stores of Africans and today burns a human being to ashes.” 


The Red Berets also said it has become convenient to blame foreign nationals for all social ills in South Africa because those leading refuse to take responsibility. 

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) also weighed in on the ongoing tension between South Africans and foreign nationals, especially in Johannesburg townships.

Party leader, Bantu Holomisa said the complaints of South Africans regarding illegal immigrants are well documented and it raises their ire.

“Whilst one might disagree on organisations such as Operation Dudula’s methodology, their concerns are legitimate. The poor socio-economic conditions in the townships and in the rural areas drive people to act in the extreme.”

Bantu Holomisa