EFF MP calls DA MP a ka***r in parly

Nazier Paulsen of the EFF lost his temper in a debate with the DA’s Yusuf Cassim and, well… resorted to THAT word in an attempt to get his point across.


There must be something in the water, because this is the second time someone’s used “kaffir” in the last week.

During a heated debate on the International Relations and Co-operation Department’s budget earlier today, the EFF’s Paulsen lost his temper — and clearly his mind — and called the Cassim the k-word.

According to News24, the two had been bickering after the NFP’s Shaik Emam, in his speech, accused the DA of “supporting Israel and oppressing Palestinians.” Their argument went on for a while longer before Cassim complained to chairperson Matlala Grace Boroto about Paulsen’s racist remark.

“You swore at me,” Cassim said, which led to more bickering and eventually Paulsen shouted “You Zionist sell-out kaffir.”

“He has used the worst profanity chairperson. He must withdraw,” Cassim said.

“The Honourable Paulsen just used the k-word in this house. It is quite unacceptable,” DA MP James Lorimer said.

Emam, however, dismissed the word as meaning “non-believer” — which apparently makes it ok to use, considering our history — and continued his speech.