EFF brawl Eastern Cape Legislature

Image via: @AdvoBarryRoux Twitter

Watch: EFF use hardhats to fight off guards at Eastern Cape Legislature

The EFF claims that MPLs were removed by security personnel for dressing ‘inappropriately’.

EFF brawl Eastern Cape Legislature

Image via: @AdvoBarryRoux Twitter

Let’s face it, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) getting into a scuffle in the chamber is nothing new, however, using their hardhats to beat security personnel is a sight.

According to TimesLive, EFF MPLs and supporters used their hardhats to beat up security personnel who had been instructed to eject MPLs for wearing their trademark red overalls to the Eastern Cape Legislature on Tuesday 3 March. 

It is believed that speaker Helen Sauls-August instructed sergeant-at-arms, Thembekile Mzantsi to summon security to remove EFF MPLs who had refused to leave the house.

Sauls-August had instructed EFF MPLs to leave the house, saying they were “inappropriately dressed”.

Watch: EFF members attack with hardhats 


Here’s what can be seen in the video 

In the video posted by adovocate Barry Roux, he said: “Fighters went inside the chamber today to demand that EFF MPLs must not be removed.” 

In the video, EFF members and supporters can be seen entering the chamber. Once inside, they begin to hit on security personnel. 

One can see EFF members and supporters hitting the man in a torn white short with their hardhats and other objects in their possession. 

Up to 20 people can be seen holding the man in a circle and hitting him continuously. In the background, members can be seen throwing what appear to be bottles around the chamber. 

Blood can be seen on the security guards mouth as another man comes to rescue him from the brawl. The sitting was meant to cover Premier Oscar Mabuyane’s State of the Province Address (SOPA).

After EFF MPLs and party members eventually left the chambers, legislature staff were seen cleaning the blood off the floor. Due to the violence, the debate was delayed by more than an hour.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about the EFF’s actions 

One Twitter user called their behaviour thuggish, deeming it unacceptable. 

“Nothing to be proud of. You can’t run a country in this fashion. Thuggish behaviour”

It was alleged that the security guard had manhandled a female member, thus the outbreak of violence. With that being said, the EFF did not mention anything like that on their page. 

Most Twitter users had the EFF’s back, saying that the security guard deserved what he got. 

“If the country refuses to protect women the fighters will take it upon themselves to do so… Go Fighters”

Twitter user

“Serves him right, how do you manhandle a woman?”

Twitter user