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E-tolls: SANRAL threaten to ‘suspend licenses’ of non-paying motorists

This would be beyond the pale from SANRAL: Their alleged proposals to clamp-down on non-compliant users of e-tolls have sparked outrage.


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Now this is cheeky: SANRAL is allegedly plotting to strongarm motorists in Gauteng, by threatening to suspend and block car license renewals if people still have outstanding bills related to the highly unpopular e-tolls system.

E-tolls: SANRAL plot to suspend licenses turns heads

E-tolls have endured a tumultuous existence since they were first introduced in 2013. Compliance levels have been low in Gauteng, as citizens express their opposition to the payment scheme with their wallets. The scheme has failed to capture the imagination of the public, and SANRAL has been saddled with an enormous debt bill for their failings.

What’s more, promises to end e-tolls have been rife around election time – but no politician has ever come good on a vow to bring the gantries to a halt. That’s where the Organisation for Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) comes in…

OUTA ‘dismayed’ with SANRAL threats

The lobby group has been vehemently opposed to the continuation of these toll payments – and proposals to suspend licences for drivers that withhold their payments have gone down like a lead balloon. OUTA blasted SANRAL for spreading ‘fake news through fearmongering’, claiming that they’d have no legal right to halt renewals on these grounds.

“Renewal of a vehicle license can only be withheld with if an enforcement order for outstanding infringements has been issued against an owner/driver of a vehicle, and it hasn’t been paid. Outstanding fees for e-tolls is NOT an infringement.”

“It’s fearmongering. If it was in effect, 80% of Gauteng residents would be unable to renew their licenses. Once again, OUTA will oppose this. We already filed legal papers to challenge the constitutionality of the new AARTO regulations.”