steve hofmeyr, devon, eff, malema

Steve Hofmeyr’s Devon has spoken out against critics.
Images via Facebook: @deonhofmeyrfanpage

Devon Hofmeyr shares name with WORS

Devon Hofmeyr seems to share his name with a type of food you might not imagine: WORS. Here’s more about Devon sausage, and what it is.

steve hofmeyr, devon, eff, malema

Steve Hofmeyr’s Devon has spoken out against critics.
Images via Facebook: @deonhofmeyrfanpage

Steve Hofmeyr’s son Devon shares his name with a well-known type of food you might not be able to imagine: wors.

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While it proves to be more popular overseas, Devon sausage is a type of wors that is said to be similar to bologne. Usually, the type of sausage is made from pork and other ingredients including spices.

Here’s what you should know about this type of sausage, and why it’s an interesting fact.

Hofmeyr or… Devon Sausage?

According to Meats and Sausages, the cooked sausage is ‘medium’ and usually sold in Australia and New Zealand.

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South Africans are more familiar with their meats in the form of boerewors or polony.

According to The Content Authority, Devon sausage is usually ‘made from pork and similar to bologne sausage.’

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The type of wors is named after the town of Devon, England where the sausage is said to have been invented.

Traditional ways to eat this type of wors is in a sandwich, but the sausages can also be fried and eaten.

There’s no evidence that Steve named his son after a type of wors, and it could be nothing more than an interesting coincidence.

Who is Devon Hofmeyr?

If you don’t know yet, he’s one of the sons of controversial South African singer Steve.

As reported by The South African website in August this year, the singer’s son has made the news for meeting Minister Bheki Cele about rising crime rates in Brits, North West.

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Steve himself has made the news on a few different occasions, including for his supposed support for Donald Trump by wearing a pro-Trump cap.

[Watch] Mamba

Steve Hofmeyr’s new song ‘Mamba’ isn’t everyone’s taste, but some people would say that about much of his music catalogue.

In the video, he’s pictured being pursued by a mamba – which, honestly, could mean anything considering it’s also long and wors-like