The late King Goodwill Zwelithini. Image: KZN Provincial Goverment

Amy Winehouse once ‘insulted’ Zulu King Zwelithini

Singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse reportedly once insulted the Zulu King Zwelithini at an event in London. Here’s more about the 2010 event.


The late King Goodwill Zwelithini. Image: KZN Provincial Goverment

Singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse reportedly ‘insulted’ the Zulu royal King Goodwill Zwelithini during a 2010 event in London.

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During an event to open a Zulu-themed restaurant in Camden, Winehouse reporteldy nodded off during the King’s ten-minute speech.

Here’s what you should know about one of the weirdest scandals ever to strike the famous Back to Black-artist.

Amy Winehouse once ‘insulted’ Zulu King

News reported by the Irish Examiner says that King Goodwill Zwelithini was reportedly offended after Amy Winehouse fell asleep during a ten-minute speech.

The event (4 August 2010) was to open a Zulu-themed restaurant in Camden, where the King delivered his speech to more than 200 attendees. Amy Winehouse attended the well-publicized event as one of the most famous guests, but unfortunately, nodded off.

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News further mentions that Winehouse had to be quietly escorted away from the venue after the event took place.

Restaurant Shaka Zulu still exists, and its Tripadvisor listing has no mention of this incident. Located in Camden, the restaurant serves up reservations and a jazz bar.

About Amy Winehouse

Singer-songwriter Winehouse was born in born in 1983, and quickly became one of the most popular artists – but also controversial due to her addictions and explicit lyrics.

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Songs like Rehab and Back to Black made her as famous as her characteristic style, which mixes jazz and powerful vocals like few others in the industry could match.

Winehouse died 23 July, 2011: reportedly from alcohol poisoning.

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She is considered one of the members of the ’27 Club’, famous musicians who passed at the age of 27 that include blues musician Robert Johnson and singer-songwriter Jim Morrison.

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