TikToker and model Nara Smith.

TikToker and model Nara Smith. Image via Twitter @Gunebystar

WATCH: SA praises Nara Smith for making gum from scratch

‘Who makes gum from scratch though?” asked one South African on social media after watching Nara Smith’s video.

TikToker and model Nara Smith.

TikToker and model Nara Smith. Image via Twitter @Gunebystar

Nara Smith, the German-South African model and Tik Tok influencer is trending on social media after making a homemade bubblegum.


The mother of three and influencer, Nara Smith shows how she makes gum from scratch in her latest video she posted on Thursday, 2 May.

“My sister is in town to visit, and she’s been craving bubblegum so bad, but she ran out. So, I just decided to make it for her,” she begins the video.

In the video, she shows her followers how she makes two flavours of gum for her sister. The first flavour was green apple which was her sister-in-law’s favourite, while the other flavour was cinnamon and vanilla.

The TikTok video has already gone viral with more than 24 million views at the time of publishing this article.

Smith also recently trended on social media when she made a candy bar just two weeks after welcoming her third baby.

The content creator said her husband Lucky was craving a Snickers, so instead of running to the store to buy one, she made a homemade batch.


@dato_seiko: “Nara Smith needs to make the Apple Adam and Eve ate from scratch. And give it back to God I’m sick of suffering for their sins.”

@maletsemana: “Nara Smith really is living the dream. Financially secure enough to have babies, enough time to make everything from scratch, both her and Lucky have flexible schedules and take such good care of their home and family. Great support system. Literally the stuff of dreams.”

@chynamali: “Nara Smith done made gum from scratch…like what am I doing with my life.”

@cinnomng1rl: “Men have discovered Nara Smith. Now they’re like “we need more women like her to stay at home while men go to work”. Without understanding not only is she a supermodel but lucky takes care of the baby so she can sleep. He cooks for her and even delivered their baby.”

@theejadaemorej: “I’m finna call Nara Smith to come make me a new planet from scratch I cannot deal with y’all no more


Nara Smith is a 22-year-old German-South African model and Tik Tok influencer. She is a mom of three and is currently married to fashion model Lucky Blue Smith.

People reports TikTok influencer gained fame after posting videos of her homemade meals for her husband and kids.

The publication adds that the model married Lucky in February 2020, and have a daughter, Rumble Honey, son Slim Easy and daughter Whimsy Lou Smith.

Nara’s husband Lucky also has a daughter, Gravity Blue from his previous relationship with model Stormi Bree.

The model has six million followers on TikTok, and more than two million followers on Instagram.

@naraazizasmith still working on the look of them but these were husband approved!!🫶🏽 #easyrecipes #homecooking #dessert #fypツ #snickers #chocolate #snack #marriage ♬ Nice and Easy – Louis Adrien