Rachel Kolisi shows off Christmas tree. Images via Instagram @rachelkolisi.

Depressed over Christmas? How to handle the holidays

Depressed over Christmas? Here’s how to better handle the holidays with the right resources and support network — including who to call.


Rachel Kolisi shows off Christmas tree. Images via Instagram @rachelkolisi.

Depressed over Christmas?

Clinical and acute depression can affect thousands of South Africans every year, though the condition can be especially difficult for people to handle over the holiday season.

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Reports of depression and anxiety-related incidents increase over Christmas, and people are encouraged to seek help if they aren’t coping with their situation or symptoms.

Here’s more about the condition, and what you can do about depression over the festive season.

Depressed over Christmas? How to handle the holidays

Depression is a medical condition that affects thousands of South Africans, and can affect anyone (at any point) for various reasons.

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The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) is meant to help those with anxiety and symptoms to seek help and find resources.

Support is always available, and the first step is to ask for it.

Information is available at their website here, or they can be contacted at +27 80 045 6789 for help and assistance.

Depressed: Symptoms of depression or anxiety

According to healthline, the symptoms of the condition can vary from one person to another – but might include feelings of listlessness, uselessness, or a general lack of motivation.

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Some people react to the condition by losing interest in things, or by becoming tired. Others might react by trying harder to act happier – and everyone might react to the condition in their own way.

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If you (or someone you know) might struggle with symptoms, encouragement to seek help is step one.

About treatment and seeking help

If you would go to the doctor for a sprain or break (or other emergency), then you should seek help for the symptoms of depression – which can be treated symptomatically like other medical conditions, with supportive treatment and professional advice.

Seek professional resources, including helplines like SADAG, if you want to know more about depression and coping over the festive season.