ANC ICOSA Kannaland Jeffrey Donson child rapist

The mayor of Kannaland, Jeffrey Donson (centre). Photo: Facebook / File

Convicted child rapist re-elected as MAYOR in Western Cape

Jeffrey Donson is has been re-elected the Mayor of Kannaland – more than a decade after the child rapist was convicted in a court of law.

ANC ICOSA Kannaland Jeffrey Donson child rapist

The mayor of Kannaland, Jeffrey Donson (centre). Photo: Facebook / File

The political turmoil in Kannaland, Western Cape has created a power vacuum in the municipality – and the most coveted vacancy of them all has been filled by none other than convicted child rapist, Jeffrey Donson. In turn, the ANC has lost its mayoral control of the region.

Kannaland child rapist re-elected as Mayor

Jeffrey Donson was convicted of the statutory rape and indecent assault of a 15-year-old girl, while employed as Kannaland’s mayor in 2008. Donson was initially sentenced to five years in prison, and the case was appealed to the Western Cape High Court.

His conviction was not overturned, but his sentence was reduced to a wholly suspended term of imprisonment, correctional supervision, a R20 000 fine and a rehabilitation programme for sex offenders. He was then duly re-elected to the council.

Donson was elected as Kannaland Mayor during the 2021 Local Elections. However, his seedy past soon resurfaced, and he was booted from office shortly afterwards. Somewhat inconceivably, however, the ICOSA leader is now back in the municipality’s top seat.

Jeffrey Donson was out of office just 10 months before his re-election – Photo: Supplied

Critics ‘disgusted’ by Western Cape municipal vote

It took the ANC’s decision to pull out of a coalition with ICOSA to force Jeffrey Donson out of office at the end of last year. However, his re-election no longer relies on the organisation. Getting rid of Mr. Donson may prove a tougher task this time around.

Ian Cameron is the Director of Community Safety at Action Society. He has been left ‘speechless’ by the political developments, and struggled to understand how Donson has returned to the top of the tree in Kannaland. Cameron has questioned what kind of example this will set.

“What example is this? A convicted rapist as mayor and a convicted fraudster with him. He was ousted for being a convicted child rapist and then reappointed 10 months later. Speechless.” | Jeffrey Donson