Don’t miss Conrad Koch ‘The Pu

Don’t miss Conrad Koch ‘The Puppet Guy’ in Johannesburg this April and May

Don’t miss Conrad Koch and Chester Missing’s show, Puppet Guy in Johannesburg this April and May. The unique take on ventriloquism makes Puppet Guy a must-see!

Don’t miss Conrad Koch ‘The Pu

In his latest show offering, Puppet Guy, double Emmy-nominated comedian and award-winning ventriloquist Conrad Koch – the man often mistakenly called ‘Chester’ – gets back into the lighter side of comedy ventriloquism.

The show, brought to you in association with Comedy Central Africa, takes place for the first time in Johannesburg at the Pieter Toerien Studio Theatre at Montecasino from 25 April to 27 May 2018.

In a statement released to the media, Conrad says he wanted to explore having fun with ventriloquism this time around.

“Puppet Guy is a change of pace from the more political content I normally do.  I still keep it relevant and topical, but it’s more playful. There is a lot more audience participation and I’ve introduced new characters that I’ve made with things I’ve found lying around.” 

What is Puppet Guy about?

Puppet Guy is all about hilarious characters, funny observations and world-class entertainment. It showcases the man behind the puppets other than just being political bad-boy, Chester Missing’s ‘backing guy’.

The comedy ensemble includes outrageous puppet characters like Hilton – a dancing ostrich made from feather dusters and a slipper; DJ Hoodie, a DJ made from sunglasses and a hoodie, as well as some other surprising new characters, and of course, Chester Missing brings his shenanigans to the stage too.

The show, directed by Chris Weare, is reportedly highly interactive:

“I’ve used Snapchat and a projector to turn people in the crowd into digital puppets and there are ventriloquism masks where we find a member of the audience who actually things they’re a lion – voices and hunting skills included.”

After getting rave reviews and finishing their show in Cape Town, the unique take on ventriloquism makes Puppet Guy a must-see. The show has also been accepted into the Regina and Winnipeg Comedy Fringe Festival in Canada later this year.

Make sure to visit Mr Chester Missing’s Facebook profile for more information.