Comrades Marathon provides medical stats after the big race. Photo: Comrades Marathon/ Facebook

Comrades Marathon aftermath: Medals and Cut-off complaints

It is reported that some of the Comrades Marathon runners were dissatisfied after getting to the finish line.


Comrades Marathon provides medical stats after the big race. Photo: Comrades Marathon/ Facebook

The Comrades Marathon may have been a resounding success to those who watched it in the comfort of their homes but for some athletes the Ultra Marathon was nothing short of a disappointment.


The 96th Comrades Marathon took centre stage on Sunday, 11 June, with runners tackling the down run from Pietermaritzburg to Durban.

The internationally recognised race enjoyed an astounding 92,68% finish rate which is recorded as the highest-ever finishing rate in the race’s 102-year history. Out of the 16072 Comrades Marathon runners on the start line, 14896 runners completed the race.

However, it was not all highs at the finish line as some runners complained about some defects that negatively influenced their experience.

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It is reported that some of the runners complained about the neglect of runners who struggled to complete the race. We also learnt of the mayhem at the cut-off where runners did not receive their medals and the closure before the actual time, and marshals’ failure to bring order when supporters entered the finish line – mixing with the runners.

“There is still no communication with regard to our silver medals that were not at the finish. It has been almost 2 weeks now, we were promised communication within the first week. What is happening?”

Nhlanhla Fuze

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After an overwhelming amount of complaints, the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) decided to respond.

The CMA has confirmed that it is looking into concerns raised by runners in this year’s 96th Comrades Marathon, held on Sunday, 11 June 2023.

CMA Chairperson, Mqondisi Ngcobo said, “The CMA Board has noted runners’ concerns. We will be conducting Race Organising Committee portfolio debriefs in the coming weeks. We will look at all aspects of the race, from the Start and Route to the Finish”.

Ngcobo added, “Our race has always been about putting Runners First and once we have finalized our debriefs, taking into account some of the concerns that our runners have raised, we will implement those recommendations which are aimed at improving our race offerings in 2024 and beyond”.

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