Central Karoo

Central Karoo Neighbourhood Watch catch arsonist. Photo: Gayton McKenzie/ Facebook.

Central Karoo Council buildings under constant attack

Neighbourhood Watch saves Central Karoo Council building from being torched by an arsonist playing ‘dirty politics’

Central Karoo

Central Karoo Neighbourhood Watch catch arsonist. Photo: Gayton McKenzie/ Facebook.

The Central Karoo District Municipality is looking for answers following the torching of Council buildings.


Although the Central Karoo District Mayor Gayton McKenzie has blamed the attacks on dirty politics, the municipality is getting closer to knowing the source.

This after the Neighbourhood Watch caught a suspect attempting to burn down a Chambers office in the town.

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“Politics can be dirty but we serve a living God,” said McKenzie.


“I wanna thank the Neighbourhood Watch of Beaufort West who caught a person who was busy trying to burn the Central Karoo Council Chambers.”

Gayton McKenzie

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“He already started the fire and was caught red-handed and is currently in police cells,” he confirmed.

“I have no doubt in my mind that he was paid to burn down the Council Chambers where we take all these major decisions to bring change to a district that was totally forgotten. We are also uncovering a lot of corruption and how people stole these towns blindly and leaving people in absolute poverty,” an adamant McKenzie said.


“These people hate what we are doing here as the coalition, they find fault with every move, I would ask President Ramaphosa to send a top team of detectives to get to the bottom of this.
No one will stop the changes we will bring to the Central Karoo. I wanna thank all the guys of the Neighbourhood Watch, they have so many successes and give up their time freely to keep us safe. Much respect and admiration,” Mayor McKenzie explained.

Furthermore, McKenzie also revealed that someone burned down the library and tried to set alight a few other Transnet buildings that they are using for entrepreneurs this year alone.

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This is a developing story.