cape winelands airport

Plans for the new Cape Winelands Airport. Image: supplied

SEE: Cape Winelands Airport unveils plans and features

The Cape Winelands Airport has revealed its plans for the development, amenities and services that will feature at the new airport.

cape winelands airport

Plans for the new Cape Winelands Airport. Image: supplied

What’s on the cards for the Cape Winelands Airport?

The picturesque Cape Winelands region is set to soar to new heights with an estimated R7 billion airport expansion programme, marking a significant milestone in the area’s development and accessibility.

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According to a recent press release, the airport has unveiled some of its development plans, which will include vineyards as part of the landscaping aesthetics to portray the regions wine culture, open spaces that includes a plaza, a hotel, conference centre, a wine tasting experience, an outdoor amphitheater for events up to 5 000 people, an aviation museum and plenty of parking, all situated in a “park” like environment.

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In the controlled airside area of the airport, a portion of the land will include a botanical garden with a diverse collection of indigenous fynbos.

The airport will also offer a range of contemporary amenities and services designed to enhance the travel experience.

These include efficient check-in counters with advanced technology for swift processing, spacious and comfortable waiting lounges with ergonomic seating, and a diverse selection of high-quality dining establishments and boutique shopping outlets, ensuring that passengers have access to a wide array of food and retail options to suit their preferences and needs.

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‘Sustainable and innovative’

The airport also aims to be self-sufficient and off the grid for water and electricity as far as possible. Through a commitment to sustainability and innovation, it will harness renewable energy sources, such as solar and chicken manure biogas power, to power its facilities and operations.

This shift towards self-sufficiency will not only reduce the carbon footprint but will also ensure a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply, even in adverse conditions.

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The airport will implement state-of-the-art water recycling systems as well, in order to conserve and purify water for various airport needs. Additionally, its waste management practices will prioritise recycling and composting, further reducing its environmental impact.

“We are thrilled to introduce this our airport expansion to the Cape Winelands region”, said Deon Cloete, Managing Director of Cape Winelands Airport.

“This facility represents a commitment to providing world-class transportation options, promoting tourism, and stimulating economic growth in our beautiful region.” Cloete added.

For more information about the airport, check here.