Cape Town weather: Cold front

Cape Town weather: Cold front and buckets of rain coming on Monday

Let’s hope it doesn’t blow away…

Cape Town weather: Cold front

Cape Town’s had some really good early winter rains and another cold front is set to hit on Monday, 28 May.

As is always the case when we do these forecasts, we must warn that things can change. But, as it stands, things are looking pretty good.

A huge front looks to be heading for Cape Town on Monday with the first bit of drizzle likely to arrive just as you head out into peak traffic. Yeah, sorry Cape Town, we know people forget how to drive as soon as it starts to drizzle, but this is much needed.

We’re using our favourite forecasting tool – – to visualise some of the forecasts. This is a radar snapshot of how things will look across the region at around 11:00 on Monday morning.

At the time of writing, it seemed likely that rain would persist for the whole day – and into the evening.

Africa Weather also has a good forecast, with between 15-25mm expected widely with 30-50mm near the mountains. has a similar forecast, predicting between 13.4mm of rain between 12:00 and 18:00 on Monday.

Good news! There is, of course a chance that some of this front might blow away, but with it now being the rainy season, some of this should at least hit the catchment areas.

In the greater scheme of things, though, the rain changes little. Cape Town’s dams were a fraction fuller compared to last year at the start of this week, but dam levels at Theewaterskloof was still much lower.

Even with some of the augmentation solutions now coming to life, there is a long way to go to replenish the dam levels that led to the province’s worst drought in history.

Remember, just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you must stop saving. Water restrictions remain in place.

Still, every little bit helps, so we’re not complaining.