Five people stabbed on Cape To

The Silvermine trail in Cape Town, where five people were stabbed on 13 January 2018

Five people stabbed on Cape Town’s Silvermine hiking trail over the weekend

Hikers were airlifted the hospital following the frenzy

Five people stabbed on Cape To

The Silvermine trail in Cape Town, where five people were stabbed on 13 January 2018

It almost defies belief, but unfortunately, it’s all too brutally true. A group of nine Cape Town hikers were attacked by two knife-wielding thugs on Saturday 13 January, on their way from Silvermine to Kalk Bay.

According to Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR) Spokesperson Johann Marais, the assailants had initially joined the group of hikers in an amicable fashion. As reported by SA People, the group walked with the men for about half an hour, before they went berserk. Marais confirmed that five of the group were injured:

“They joined the group‚ and having walked with them for about 30 minutes, the two males suddenly attacked the original group participants and stabbed or injured at least five persons.”

“Bloodbath” reported on Silvermine trail

The incident took place on the Silvermine trail, a popular traverse for Cape Town hikers. As the group made their way over Kalk Bay, the men turned on their victims. Imelda van den Berg is a local resident, and a keen hiking enthusiast. But on Saturday, she became an eyewitness to an incredibly brutal crime.

Her Facebook post regarding the subject laid out a scene which belonged in a horror movie. It has since been deleted, but what she recalls is simply terrifying:

“There were some hikers who had just been stabbed hectically on the route, blood everywhere. A literal blood bath. One guy blood pouring down his face and another girl lying in her own blood with a stab wound on her back.”

“Some had been stabbed in the chest and head, also attacked with rocks. The others who couldn’t run away were in severe condition. Please be safe as these things really do happen around us…”

Safety tips for hiking in Cape Town

Imelda was also perplexed by the attackers’ motives. She claims that the didn’t even attempt to take the hikers’ personal belongings. It seems like they just wanted to ‘hurt and kill’ whoever they could.

SAPS confirmed a manhunt has been launched to stop the duo. In the mean time, if you are thinking of hiking in the Western Cape, please consult safety tips from local government and our own guide.