Real ways to earn more and spend less

Real ways to earn more and spend less. Image credit: AdobeStock

Real ways to earn more and spend less

(Partner Content) Who doesn’t want to earn more money and cut spending? Easier said than done, most people would reply. But if you take a systematic approach to the challenge, you can end each month with more money in your pocket.

Real ways to earn more and spend less

Real ways to earn more and spend less. Image credit: AdobeStock

The strategy is two-pronged and relatively easy to implement. Use one or more tactics for increasing income and reducing regular cash outflow. Step one for most working adults is about focusing on debt by paying credit cards down and refinancing vehicle or home loans. 

To bring in additional income, you don’t need one of the trendiest high demand jobs in your sector, instead consider working part-time as an affiliate for a brokerage firm, investing your savings more wisely, or landing an online micro job. In addition to dealing with debt, employ a few tried-and-true tactics for cutting down on gasoline purchases, reining in grocery bills, and saying goodbye to frequent stops at fast-food joints, bars, and coffee shops. Luckily, there are numerous ways to boost personal income and spend less money at the same time. Here are a few suggestions for getting underway.

Deal With Debt

High-interest credit cards are financial cancer on millions of personal budgets. That’s not an exaggeration because interest payments eat away at your buying power and financial stability. Focus first on paying down the high-interest cards and then consider refinancing your mortgage or auto loans to get better rates and longer repayment periods. Be patient. Make a five-year plan if necessary but get serious about eliminating credit card indebtedness.

Become an Affiliate Trader

You don’t need to be a securities trader to bring in significant income by driving business to online brokerage firms. Those who sign up to join the AvaPartner program can score bonuses for every client who opens an account and makes at least one trade. Affiliate marketing is not a new thing, but it has become a more structured, serious way for people to generate regular income by working alongside reputable companies in the investment and trading industry. One of the simplest ways to get started is to use your existing blog or create one that includes at least some dedicated content and other incentives for readers to join up with your affiliated broker. There are multiple payout methods, but the best ones give you a direct cash bonus for each active trader you discover and send to the broker’s website.

Spend Less on Fuel and Groceries

Sometimes, it makes sense to do several things at once to reduce spending. Consider combining errands to reduce the number of miles you drive. Carpool to work, use public transportation more frequently, and join a wholesale club that offers discounts at the pump. It all adds up. In the grocery store, never shop without a detailed list. Explore the possibility of buying and using a freezer, and plan weekly meals to cut down on impulse buying.


If you have money sitting in a low or no-interest savings account, put it to work. Options include opening an investment portfolio, becoming a lender on crowdsourcing platforms, staking cryptocurrency, and trading forex as a way to generate income from a small amount of capital. The point is to avoid letting your hard-earned dollars sit idly in a bank or credit union account, where inflation constantly eats away at the money’s buying power.

Plug Budget Holes

For the average working person, the biggest budget holes are convenience store purchases, fast-food meals, coffee shop spending, bar tabs, and tobacco consumption. Eliminate or reduce one or more of those categories, and you’ll be on the way to cutting monthly cash outflow. Even if you currently don’t smoke or drink, fast-food meals and convenience store snacks can seriously weaken your financial health.

Eat Three Meals Per Day and Avoid Soft Drinks

People are usually shocked when they try this super-simple savings hack. It can take a couple of weeks to incorporate into your life as a standard habit. But, once you do, the results can be quite healthy for your budget. Many discover that they eat a more balanced diet, but that’s not really the primary goal. By eating three times per day, and no more, it’s much easier to eliminate junk food, fast food, on-the-road snacks, and random eating. It’s a fact of life that food costs money. By routinising your eating habits, it’s relatively painless to cut out unnecessary intake of a wide array of unneeded foods and beverages. Eliminating soft drinks is one of the fastest ways to save a few extra bucks per month. Doing so is a no-hassle way to boost the effectiveness of the three-meal financial hack.