IAB SA White paper viewability

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IAB SA releases White Paper on viewability for digital campaigns

The collective goal of South Africa’s digital economy is to grow, which requires investment and an
environment that supports good business practice – defined as the ability to evolve in parallel to
the rapid changes, opportunities and even threats of modern technology.

IAB SA White paper viewability

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The IAB SA released the second in its planned series of white papers addressing challenges facing digital brands. The first White Paper dealt with the safety of brands online and is available from the IAB SA website.

The second White Paper, authored by leaders in South African agencies, brands, publishing and tech, looks at viewability in relation to online advertising.

The document will be shared via the IAB SA newsletter to IAB SA members, and then be available on the IAB SA website. Daniel Courtenay, CEO MaxAxion and MD AdJoin and IAB SA Publisher Council Member, explains:

“Viewability is a challenging topic to wrap our heads around yet, as a metric, it continues to shape the way we buy and sell digital media on a daily basis. This paper seeks to assist with the complexities surrounding the subject by offering context for the various participants in the value chain as it pertains to the importance of viewability. The paper also attempts to highlight a number of considerations the industry might not always have readily available to empower important decisions.”

While traditionally ad impressions were the most important metric when determining the effectiveness of ad spend, the latest White Paper by IAB SA looks to define viewability and position it as a vital metric for protecting investment as well as brand value.

A change in mindset in the digital ecosystem is crucial, according to the paper, in order to ensure that role players play their part in delivering ROI in the digital space.

Viewability is an essential metric in ensuring that campaigns receive quality impressions and that those impressions are coming from ethical sources.

While the ultimate goal is obviously still engagement, the success or failure of a campaign will rely on more than just viewability.

Depending on the nature of the campaign and data-driven targeting campaign, the importance of viewability would vary.

However, all the players in the value chain need to understand the metric and build experiences that engage their audience. While a lack of viewability can point to a number of legitimate reasons such as ad placement, it can also be an indicator of fraud.

Impressions with consistent lack of viewability can be a measure of unethical behaviour, which will have a negative impact on campaign ROI.

“Viewability is about giving the ad the best possible opportunity to be seen by the relevant human audience.”

The White Paper highlights the responsibility on brands, publishers and agencies in considering viewability as a key metric while planning and executing in the digital ecosystem for more control of how their message is received.

With this, the second White Paper published by IAD SA, a third paper which will focus specifically on ad fraud should follow next.

It will serve as an extended paper on brand safety, which focuses on the most used social platforms and the tools they provide brands to manage their safety services and practices.

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