Forex: Earn enough money to bu


Forex: Earn enough money to buy a car and a house

Everyone wants to have money — not to make money, no, just “have” it. Unfortunately, this is not possible for most of us.

Forex: Earn enough money to bu


The fabled ‘passive income’ is impossible without hefty investments, and unless your father is a genius billionaire, you will have to work for a living.

However, there is another way. You can be like Arno – a 27-year-old who never went to college and still makes 400 USD on a bad day. And while he will never own a penthouse in New York, he does own a flat in Summerstrand and drives a new Subaru.

Arno is going to teach you how to do this too. All you need to begin is a computer and 100 USD.

How to make money online with almost no risk

“There is no way to make money out of thin air – unfortunately, that’s the way the world works. And yet, there are ways to make money on the asset market. And I am not talking about investments – you need completely different kind of money for that.

Instead, let’s talk about trading. Speculative trading is when you buy something when the price is low and sell it when the price gets high. And if the prices on the market change often enough, you can make a lot of profit.

There are a lot of asset markets where speculative trading is viable, but most of them – like the stock market – require significant investments. The only two that do not are the cryptocurrency market, which is highly unpredictable, and Forex, which is the best for the newcomers to trading. Best Forex Signals.

How does Forex trading work

Forex is a massive international exchange created back in the 1970s to supply the world economy with foreign currency.

For example, imagine that McDonald’s wants to open a new restaurant in Johannesburg and needs 712,859 ZAR to do so. In order to obtain the currency, they will have to go to the Forex market and exchange roughly 50 000 USD to ZAR. This will cause a shortage of ZAR on the market and slightly increase its value – for example, from 0.071 USD/ZAR to 0.0715. And if you bought ZAR before that shortage, you’ll now be able to sell it for profit.

There are dozens of such opportunities each day, and most of them provide you with rather sizable profits. My favourite Forex strategy is called Lazy River Scalping and it allows for 20% daily profits. For each 5 USD I invest, I make 1 USD of profit.

How to trade on Forex

Before you start trading on Forex, you are going to need a broker. All small-time traders use Forex brokers to avoid additional fees and expenses, as well as much smoother trading experience.

However, not all brokers are equally benevolent and competent. So make sure that your broker is reliable. The one Forex trading broker I can recommend is JustForex – a powerful international company that has been operating in South Africa since 2013. I also completely adore their support – whenever I had a tough question, they always helped me out and explained things to me.

To start trading with JustForex:

Go to JustForex website.

Pick the account type you want and click “Open Account.” I recommend using Standard accounts since the 100 USD deposits are perfect for beginners.

Fill in the form on the website. Use only your real data; otherwise, you won’t be able to withdraw your profit.

Click “Register”.

From that point on, you can deposit money and trade free. In fact, JustForex will give you a gift.

If you deposit less than 100 USD – you will get a 50% bonus. 100-500 USD will net you a 100% bonus. And everything above will get you a 115% bonus. For beginners, I recommend starting with a 100 USD deposit on a Standard account – it provides a reasonable amount of flexibility and is overall a good point to start trading.”

Start making money now with JustForex.