Nyanga protest

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Watch: Bus and vehicle set alight during protest at Nyanga terminus

A case of public violence is being investigated by police following scenes of protest in Nyanga, Cape Town on Friday morning.

Nyanga protest

Image via: @BOSBEER2006
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A Golden Arrow bus and a vehicle were set alight during protests in Nyanga, Cape Town on Friday morning 28 May. Police told The South African that a case of public violence is being investigated by Philippi East police.



Western Cape SAPS Colonel Andrè Traut went on to say that a LDV and a bus were set alight on Govan Mbeki Drive. He added that no one was injured and no arrests were made despite another publication reporting that three people were injured. 

In the video that was seemingly taken by a bystander, one can see wet roads and just the bones of a bus and vehicle. Some parts of the vehicles are still on fire while traffic passed by.

Golden Arrow Bus Services spokesperson Bronwen Dyke-Beyer said the protest started one day before on Thursday when a number of taxis were impounded after a roadblock. Thereafter, there was an attempted petrol bombing on a bus and stones were thrown at the public transport vehicles. 

Dyke-Beyer said it eventually died down but just after 6:05 on Friday morning, a group of unknown people stormed the terminus in Nyanga and set a bus, as well as, a vehicle alight.  

On Friday alone, a total of 22 buses were stoned, Dyke-Beyer said. She went on to say that they are now operating from Nyanga SAPS for safety reasons. She said that the bus service is an essential service that is simply trying to get their passengers to work safely and back home again. 


Spokesperson for City Fire & Rescue Jermaine Carelse said they responded to a light delivery vehicle alight on Steve Biko Road just after 9:00 on Friday morning. 

“The fire was extinguished and no injuries [were] reported. We received reports of a bus alight, but firefighters could not respond due to the volatility in the area,” he added. 

While police reported no injuries, Dyke-Beyer said two company officials and one passenger were injured. Dyke-Beyer said one official got glass in his eye and another was attacked.