EFF members at a party event in Germiston on 25 March 2022. Photo: Twitter /@GautengEFF

Bring your work suits, bring your barrows: EFF to clean ‘all dirty areas’ in Gauteng

The EFF said its Gauteng program is not just to clean but to create an environment that people will feel happy about living in.


EFF members at a party event in Germiston on 25 March 2022. Photo: Twitter /@GautengEFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) Gauteng branch is encouraging its members and the public at large to join a mass clean-up project in the province on Sunday, 3 April.


The EFF in Gauteng encouraged its “ground forces” – as party members are referred to – to wear working suits and bring tools, such as wheelbarrows and forks, to the “Cleaning Campaign” in the Vukani Informal Settlement at 9:00 on Sunday.

“Our Revolutionary Program of Cleaning all dirty areas in [Gauteng] is not just to clean, but for our people in [Gauteng] to feel contentment and happy living within the environment,” said the party in a tweet on Thursday, 31 March.

The cleaning campaign forms part of the Red Berets’ “1 Million Members” recruitment drive, which has been touted by the party’s leader Julius Malema.

The party wants to add one million new members to its ranks by the end of 2022. It is not clear how many card-carrying members the party that was formed in 2013 currently has.

During a recruitment drive in Soweto in late February, Malema said he wanted each house in the township to have at least one EFF member.

“We must make society aware of who we are and what we represent. One million members is a minimum, not a maximum. Don’t say by December ‘we have 1-million members, we have arrived’. That is the beginning of getting all 54-million citizens of SA to believe in the EFF,” said Malema, per TimesLive.