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Jaco Swart was seen, amongst other things, fly-kicking his wife while at work – Photo: Barry Bateman / Twitter

Jaco Swart: Gerrie Nel SLAMS justice system – as wife-beater walks free

After beating his wife like the little man he is, Jaco Swart managed to dodge a prison sentence this week – and that’s infuriated Gerrie Nel.

Jaco Swart petition

Jaco Swart was seen, amongst other things, fly-kicking his wife while at work – Photo: Barry Bateman / Twitter

You know a verdict is controversial when it’s got Gerrie Nel questioning the entire criminal justice system in South Africa. The veteran advocate has been left fuming this week, after convicted wife-beater Jaco Swart somehow managed to avoid a jail sentence for his crimes.

Watch: Jaco Swart beats his wife – and walks free

Swart, who often refers to himself as ‘hooligan’ on social media, was captured on CCTV beating the living daylights out of his estranged wife Nicoleen. He dished out the savage attacks at his business premises, sometimes in full view of staff.

In what seemed like a fairly open and shut case, the judge stunned the court by sparing Jaco Swart a jail sentence on Tuesday. That’s despite the existence of footage which absolutely had him banged to rights – and we’ve got to warn you, some viewers may find these clips disturbing:

Jaco Swart GBV case summarised: Convicted, but not jailed

A tumultuous day in the courtroom came to a conclusion with a conviction – but there was little else to cheer for the victim. All things considered, Jaco Swart got off lightly…

  • Swart was given a fine of R20 000, as well as three years’ imprisonment suspended for five years.
  • This means he has avoided incarceration, despite the existence of damning video footage.
  • The case had previously been struck off the roll by the NPA, before AfriForum sought a private prosecution.
  • The court ruled the clips of him pulverising his wife to be ‘inadmissible’, after their authenticity was questioned
  • Some of these brutal attacks against Nicoleen took place in front of the couple’s two children.
  • Nicoleen has expressed her disappointment with the sentencing, but says she is ‘delighted’ with the conviction.

Court decision infuriates Gerrie Nel

Gerrie Nel remains incandescent with the final sentencing, too. He has slammed the justice system for merely ‘giving lip-service’ to GBV victims, and questioned its ability to provide proper care for the vulnerable.

“We are confronted with the lip service of the criminal justice system against gender-based violence, as well as a lack of commitment and ability to properly care for the victims of gender-based violence.”

“However, we want to sing Nicoleen Swart’s praise because she decided not to be a victim, but to make her voice heard.”

Gerrie Nel