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ANC MP turns on Ramaphosa – over alleged ‘misuse of state funds’

Cyril Ramaphosa stands accused of misusing state funds for his own benefit – and an ANC MP has made an official approach to SCOPA.

South Africa:

Image: GCIS/ Flickr

President Ramaphosa is feeling the heat on Monday, thanks to the disgruntled noises coming from his own benches. Mervyn Dirks, a serving ANC MP, wants Cyril held accountable on a contentious issue.

Did Cyril Ramaphosa misuse state funds?

Last year, a leaked recording of Ramaphosa surfaced on social media. He was heard discussing the use of state funds to prop-up his election campaign in 2017. Initially, it appeared the scandal had blown over.

But Dirks refused to let the president get away with this perceived injustice. The RET-backed politician has now asked the standing committee on public accounts (SCOPA) to look further into the matter.

Sure enough, the committee has given the ANC MP a chance to present his case. Dirks will argue that Cyril Ramaphosa has violated the PRECCA Act – essentially accusing him of stealing from the public coffers.

Who is ANC MP Mervyn Dirks?

Dirks, however, insists the matter is not personal – and claims if Ramaphosa’s rival at the time (Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma) had funded her campaign with state cash, he’d be seeking the same course of action.

“I stand for the truth. If the President is aware that NDZ caucus via President Zuma used public funds I am ready to help President Ramaphosa expose these state capture criminals. I took an oath of office.”

ANC MP Mervyn Dirks

ANC MP gunning for Ramaphosa

This not-so-friendly fire is the last thing Cyril Ramaphosa needs at the moment. Not only is he presiding over a fractured party, but the 69-year-old is losing public support fast. Now, his premiership is heading into even choppier waters.