National Shutdown Cosatu

Millions of workers are expected to down tools next week – Photo: Cosatu / Twitter

Next week’s National Shutdown ‘just got BIGGER’ – support swells in SA

A National Shutdown will be compounded by plans for a National Strike next week – with BOTH happening on the same day.

National Shutdown Cosatu

Millions of workers are expected to down tools next week – Photo: Cosatu / Twitter

A National Shutdown planned for Wednesday 24 August has just been given a major boost. Cosatu, one of the largest trade union organisations in South Africa, have agreed to go on strike alongside the original planners of SAFTU. It has huge implications for the demonstrations.

When is the National Shutdown? Nine days to go…

Cosatu notified NEDLAC of its intention to join the industrial action earlier this month. Around one million members of each trade union will take to the streets just nine days from now, with demonstrations promised in every province of South Africa.

The protests will be largely aimed at high fuel prices, the rising costs of living, and rampant criminality in every corner of the country. Cosatu and SAFTU are on the same page for this one, with the former planning to host a press conference to confirm the details of their own strike action.

With both Cosatu AND SAFTU members taking to the streets next week, this could be a National Shutdown that really does succeed in bringing Mzansi to a standstill. The ‘double whammy’ of protests will likely have more of an impact than anything else we’ve seen this year.

Cosatu join SAFTU in committing to protest

Taxi firms, civil rights groups, and even the EFF have agitated for a National Shutdown at various points in 2022. Some fizzled out, whereas others had a ‘regionalised impact’ on communities. But Cosatu’s involvement should ensure that the disruption from this protest is felt nationwide.

SAFTU is marching under the tagline of ‘mobilise or starve’. For them, this National Shutdown really is a matter of life and death. Like the rest of us, they are outraged by the cost of living crisis. They are demanding a plan to reduce unemployment, and create a Basic Income Grant.

Watch SA is now just DAYS away from a National Shutdown video
The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) is preparing to wield its enormous power later this month, by leading the proposed National Shutdown. Image: Twitter/SAFTU

Why are unions taking part in the National Shutdown?

Unions are also upset by the cuts made to public services. They reject the ‘austerity measures’ enforced by government, and want to put an end to the privatisation of state entities. A full list of demands has since been published by the union, which you can read here.