watch: worship

Photo: Facebook

Watch: Worship on salvaged piano amid destruction at storage facility

A woman playing on a salvaged piano amid destruction at a storage facility with others joining in on the praise and worship – has gone viral.

watch: worship

Photo: Facebook

A heartwarming video of a woman playing on a salvaged piano in the middle of a destroyed storage facility in Amanzimtoti has gone viral.

And for all the good reasons. South African has once again shown that united they will stand.

The facility was left a smoldering mess after looters descended on it on Monday evening and tore the place up.

After stealing everything they could take, they set the units on fire, burning and destroying everything they could not carry.

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In the video, South Africans can be seen joining in with the worship and praise despite the destruction around them.


In the rubble, a burnt bible was discovered opened with the following verse just visible:

Deuteronomy 13:13: that some worthless and evil men have gone out from among you and have tempted the inhabitants of their city [to sin], saying, ‘Let us go and serve other gods (whom you have not known).

It has been amazing to see how South Africans have shown that we are united despite the violent riots and looting.

Hundreds of ordinary South Africans protecting their neighbourhoods, young and old lending helping hands in clean-up efforts, and people from across the country donating, flying, and driving food supplies and financial resources to those most in need.

In his address to the nation on Friday, President Cyril Ramaphosa applauded the way South Africans have handled the country’s situation.

“We applaud those individuals, organisations and communities that have taken the initiative, through peaceful means, to restore calm and protect lives, property and infrastructure.

“We thank all those people who have remained at their posts under difficult and dangerous conditions, providing services to our people and our nation – the law enforcement personnel, health care workers, social workers, security guards, municipal employees and many other frontline public servants.

He furthermore, this is not a battle that we can afford to lose.

“When we look back on this moment in our history, let us say that we faced down a grave threat and defeated it together.

“Let us bear witness to the strength and endurance of our democracy, not its downfall.

“Let us speak of the triumph of our Constitution, not its destruction.

“We will never allow this great project of humanity, our South African democracy, to fail.”

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