SABC host paul o'sullivan

SABC’s interview with Paul O’Sullivan came to an abrupt halt – Photo: YouTube

‘Who do you think you’re talking to?’ – SABC guest QUITS interview!

Paul O’Sullivan, a top private investigator on the Phala Phala case, lost his cool with SABC anchor Sakina Kamwendo earlier today.

SABC host paul o'sullivan

SABC’s interview with Paul O’Sullivan came to an abrupt halt – Photo: YouTube

Wow. A seasoned criminal investigator sensationally hung-up while live on SABC this morning, after he took offence to the host’s line of questioning. Paul O’Sullivan, who is currently digging through the Phala Phala case, found himself at loggerheads with anchor Sakina Kamwendo.

Paul O’Sullivan quits SABC interview

On Sunday, it was reported that O’Sullivan had identified a suspect accused of ‘leaking information’ about the Phala Phala burglary. The property, owned by Cyril Ramaphosa, has become the centre of a major scandal. Up to $4 million in cash was found at the ANC’s leaders homestead.

Major General Wally Rhoode,  the head of presidential protection services, has been accused of supplying Arthur Fraser with ‘false evidence’. It was Fraser, of course, who registered a criminal complaint against President Ramaphosa earlier this year.

Right, there’s your background. Now for the fun part. O’Sullivan was summoned to discuss his findings on-air. His Morning Live appearance, however, did not go to plan. He found himself arguing with Kamwendo, accusing her of giving him ‘dodgy questions’.

Paul O'Sullivan SABC Sakina
The Phala Phala scandal has arguably been the biggest of Ramaphosa’s presidency – Photo: Flickr / GCIS

Sakina stumped by on-air drama

The host expertly challenged her guest on his knowledge of Mr. Rhoode. When she suggested he may not have known that the Maj-Gen worked for Cyril Ramaphosa, he went off. Here’s what the investigator said live on air, before quitting the call.

“I had no idea Rhoode worked for Ramaphosa. That wasn’t my business. Excuse me… who do you think you’re talking to? Are you trying to implicate me? If that’s the way you want to carry on, we will not carry on this discussion. Let me make that clear to you.”

“We at Forensics For Justice investigate people like Arthur Fraser, who lie and make up stories. I will not have people trying to implicate me. If you come with any more dodgy questions, I will close this call… you have been asking these questions… [phone cuts out]” | Paul O’Sullivan

Watch: Guest hangs-up on SABC anchor

After the call ended, Sakina Kamwendo was left to address the viewers. She explained why she asked a certain set of questions, and refuted any claims that she was trying to ‘implicate’ Mr. O’Sullivan. You can see a clip of the tense exchange here.