The farmer in the video used a gun owned by the attackers, firing shots towards them as the fled on foot – Photo: Bosbeer / Twitter

WATCH: Hero farmer disarms attackers – and forces them to flee!

Bloody hell. This farmer managed to flip a potential attack on its head, after he outwitted THREE crooks who gained access to his property.


The farmer in the video used a gun owned by the attackers, firing shots towards them as the fled on foot – Photo: Bosbeer / Twitter

There’s no glass in the world large enough to contain the size of the Bell’s this man deserves. After being ambushed at his property on Sunday evening, a farmer heroically went from victim to shot-caller in a heartbeat, thanks to these rapid reactions.

Fast-thinking farmer makes attackers look silly!

The farmer, who is yet to be identified, has been hailed for his all-action response. CCTV footage taken from the scene captures the moment a group of three men sneak onto the property, via an entrance in the garage. It doesn’t take them long to find the occupant.

Realising he is outnumbered, the farmer initially complies with the suspects. At one point, he even begs them to spare his life. The men then grab hold of their would-be victim, and begin to march him out of the garage. What they planned to do with him, at this point, was anyone’s guess.

However, this brave-hearted Boer decided he would not wait around to find out. Springing into action, the farmer quickly takes a gun from one of the suspects, almost immediately opening fire as they scamper away. It’s not known if any of the bullets hit the thugs.

Watch: Farmer disarms thugs, chases them away using THEIR gun

What remains clear, however, is that all three criminals were made to look like little boys, scurrying from these scene with tails firmly planted between their legs. It’s understood the police were alerted to the incident shortly after 21:30 on Sunday 21 August.

  • There’s the shorter version, which succinctly skips straight to the bit where the robbers are hoodwinked…
  • And there’s the longer version, which captures the thieves as they approach the property. Both make for blockbuster entertainment.

Not every incident ends this way, however…

Although this farmer lived to fight another day, many other landowners don’t get so lucky. Figures released by SAPS last week confirmed that TEN farm murders were recorded in the first quarter of 2022/23. This number was 14 during the same time last year.

Limpopo was home to the highest frequency of farm murders (three), whereas the Northern Cape and North West were the only provinces to escape with zero homicides on their farmsteads. Alas, not all attacks go viral because of a farmer’s epic fightback…

Photo: SAPS