N2 crash swimming pool yes

The driver was taken to hospital in a ‘serious but stable’ condition – Photo: Twitter

Watch | Off the N2, into a swimming pool: Motorist survives HORROR crash!

This VW Golf driver was ejected from his car and INTO a private swimming pool – after he smashed through a back garden next to the N2.

N2 crash swimming pool yes

The driver was taken to hospital in a ‘serious but stable’ condition – Photo: Twitter

And, handbrake on: This motorist took a most unexpected turn on Sunday, when he plunged his vehicle into a private swimming pool at a residential property alongside the N2. The driver was ejected from the car and ended up in the water, before his VW Polo came to a halt.

Man thrown from vehicle and into a swimming pool during horror N2 crash

While driving through Bluewater Bay near Port Elizabeth, the VW Golf careers through a concrete fence at a tremendous speed. It’s not clear how the vehicle got itself into such a predicament, and traffic was quiet at the time.

After bursting into the backyard, the car then rolls over and lurches towards the pool. Bits of debris fall in, before the car eventually comes to a stop with its backend submerged in the water.

Watch: N2 motorist plunges car, self into swimming pool

In a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment, the motorist can be seen FLYING out of his window, slamming into the ground, and listlessly falling into the pool. The footage has to be seen to be believed…

‘A minor miracle’ – driver lucky to survive incident

Thankfully, the driver in Bluewater Bay had ‘no life-threatening injuries’ to report, and he was taken to hospital immediately after the crash took place. Concerns were raised about the man’s wellbeing, after the end of the video showed his body floating face-down in the water.

The homeowner, disturbed by the commotion, then ran outside and came to the driver’s assistance, helping him out of the pool. The man ‘did not drown’ because he was unconscious at the time, and he remains in a stable condition.

With a bit of luck, no more visitors from the N2 will be gatecrashing this swimming pool again.