Jacob Zuma Siboniso Duma John Steenhuisen

ANC KZN Chair slams John Steenhuisen over Jacob Zuma remarks
Image sourced from Twitter @Joy_Zelda and @Our_DA

WATCH: ANC KZN Chair slams Steenhuisen over Zuma remarks

Siboniso Duma says John Steenhuisen doesn’t understand the decision to grant Jacob Zuma remission grant as he only has a Matric qualification

Jacob Zuma Siboniso Duma John Steenhuisen

ANC KZN Chair slams John Steenhuisen over Jacob Zuma remarks
Image sourced from Twitter @Joy_Zelda and @Our_DA

ANC KZN Chairperson Siboniso Duma is not happy with the reactions condemning the decision to grant former president Jacob Zuma remission. One of the many voices that have expressed outrage is the Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen, who accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of being spineless in making the decision.

Ramaphosa granted remission to more than nine thousand inmates due to prison overcrowding and Zuma is one of them.

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Speaking to Newzroom Afrika, Siboniso Duma reckons John Steenhuisen doesn’t understand the legal context in which Jacob Zuma was granted remission because he only has a Grade 12 qualification.

Duma then went on to question whether Steenhuisen even finished high school.

“… John Steenhuisen has a Grade 12. I wouldn’t want to say because we’re not even sure whether he passed that Grade 12 so he doesn’t understand the interpretation of statutes, the jurispudence. No, it’s not just an easy matter, it is a complicated matter. Fortunately, our president is a practitioner. Fortunately, our minister of Correctional Service is also a legal practitioner with a Master degree as we speak so it becomes easier when you understand the contextual framework,” he told the news channel.

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Steenhuisen, who has long said Zuma must return to prison and serve the remainder of his sentence, lambasted the ANC-led government after the former president was allowed to go home just two hours after checking into the Escourt Prison in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

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Steenhuisen said the decision was “an absolute disgrace” and that all South Africans should be angered by it.

“The fact that the remission comes into effect today – the same day on which Zuma returns to prison to be ‘processed’ is a clear indication of what has really occurred. Were this decision not a tragic deconstruction of the principle of Equality before the Law, it would well pass for a comedy show. The precedent has been clearly set. If you are a senior ANC member, you will never be held accountable for your crimes under President Cyril Ramaphosa or any ANC government”

DA leader John Steenhuisen
Former president Jacob Zuma
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