Arthur Fraser Jacob Zuma state capture report

Arthur Fraser, as pictured here – Photo by Gallo Images / Netwerk24 / Jaco Marais)

Dirty deal: Jacob Zuma, Arthur Fraser agreed to ‘keep each other out of jail’

Explosive findings from the State Capture Report accuse Jacob Zuma and Arthur Fraser of working in tandem, to escape the long arm of the law.

Arthur Fraser Jacob Zuma state capture report

Arthur Fraser, as pictured here – Photo by Gallo Images / Netwerk24 / Jaco Marais)

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has saved some of the most explosive State Capture Report details for last. The final volume of his investigation has dropped Jacob Zuma and Arthur Fraser right in it, revealing the ‘dirty deal’ which helped keep BOTH men out of jail.

State Capture Report latest: Arthur Fraser, Jacob Zuma ‘scratched each others back’ to dodge prison

The bombshell findings are likely to send shockwaves across the country. Of course, Arthur Fraser never ended up behind bars – and he’s become a very influential figure in the current Farmgate scandal engulfing President Ramaphosa. The timing is sensitive, to say the least.

Jacob Zuma, however, wasn’t as lucky. He did end up going to prison in 2021, but his friend running Correctional Services – Mr. Fraser himself – ensured that his stay would be brief. According to Raymond Zondo, this was an act of payback…

  • Jacob Zuma was deemed responsible for ‘protecting’ Arthur Fraser from a Hawks-led investigation.
  • Fraser was being probed for creating a ‘rogue unit’ within SSA, where he filtered ‘millions of rand’ into a secret intelligence structure.
  • The so-called Principal Agents Network (PAN) wasted taxpayer cash on luxury cars, properties, and a fat paycheck for Fraser’s mother.
  • Zuma told investigators that carrying on with their inquiry would risk ‘national security’ – encouraging them to stand down.
  • This favour was re-payed when Arthur Fraser, Correctional Services boss in 2021, granted medical parole to Jacob Zuma.
  • The circumstances were dubious to say the least, and Zondo claims the pair had worked in cahoots.

Chief Justice drops major bombshells

Zondo even believes that the investigation into Fraser and the PAN, had it been allowed to continue unimpeded, may have led to imprisonment. The unholy alliance certainly served its purpose, as both managed to avoid full accountability for their actions.

“Zuma put a stop to an investigation that could well have led to Fraser’s arrest, prosecution and maybe imprisonment. Fraser put a stop to Zuma’s continued incarceration – despite the fact that Mr Zuma’s incarceration was in terms of an order of the Constitutional Court.”

Raymond Zondo in the State Capture Report