October fuel prices

After months of pain, more meaningful relief is on its way for many, but not all, motorists in Mzansi – Image via Pixabay

Yes! SA set for dramatic R2.50-per-litre petrol price DECREASE

It’s about time. The petrol price is now braced for an almighty drop in September – here’s what motorists can expect to pay next month.

October fuel prices

After months of pain, more meaningful relief is on its way for many, but not all, motorists in Mzansi – Image via Pixabay

It’s nothing less than what we deserve. After months of crippling petrol price increases, costs on the forecourt will be slashed dramatically in September. That’s according to the new mid-month estimates from the Central Energy Fund.

Petrol price set for massive decrease in September

According to East Cape Fuels, the CEF is now projecting that some prices could fall by more than R2.50-PER-LITRE, in what is likely to be the biggest monthly fall in petrol and diesel costs ever witnessed in South Africa.

Next week, a major protest to denounce the high petrol price is scheduled across all nine provinces of Mzansi. The National Shutdown will rally against the cost of living crisis, with the recent pain at the pumps listed as a major grievance. However, some light relief is now on its way.

The price of oil is falling like a stone, and the Rand has made a mini-recovery against other international currencies. Half-a-year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine sent the value of crude soaring, it seems like the balance is being redressed in favour of the consumer.

What is the petrol price in South Africa?

We’re talking about very steep drops, here. Based on current estimates, some fuel types could see 10% shaved off their value. We’ll start with the 95 Grade of petrol, which has the biggest decrease of the lot. It’s current price is now forecast to drop by R2.59-per-litre.

We’ve then got the 93 Grade of petrol, which is also on course for a sharp decline. That’s set to go down by R2.44-per-litre when September rolls around. Diesel consumers are also in for a treat, as the commodity should be R2.24-per-litre cheaper in the weeks ahead.

Petrol price september r30-per-litre
SA is likely to experience its largest ever petrol price decrease next month – Photo: Stock Image / Pixabay

Latest forecast: Here’s how much fuel will cost you in September 2022

After being blindsided by a soaring petrol price for most of 2022, the public deserves to see a decrease as breath-taking as any increase we’ve experienced so far this year. Using the latest predictions, we’ve put together a quick guide for the estimated September 2022 fuel prices.


  • Petrol 95: R22.83p/l
  • Petrol 93: R22.55p/l
  • Diesel wholesale: R22.28p/l


  • Petrol 95: R22.18p/l
  • Petrol 93: R21.90p/l
  • Diesel wholesale: R21.63p/l