Finfoot Lake

Soak up sublime sunsets at the scenic Finfoot Lake Reserve. Image: Supplied

Pretoria: Unknown man’s frozen torso found DUMPED in dam – report

Pretoria authorities say several body parts were missing from the victim, including the head, arms as well as legs and a probe is underway

Finfoot Lake

Soak up sublime sunsets at the scenic Finfoot Lake Reserve. Image: Supplied

A rather grim story unfolding in Pretoria: Police have launched an investigation after finding an unidentified man’s frozen torso inside a dam. The big kicker is that campers and fishermen nearby may have actually seen the perpetrators toss the torso into the water.

TimesLive reports that authorities found a body wrapped in cling wrap and missing several limbs – including a head, at Roodeplaat Dam on Monday evening, 27 December.

According to Kameeldrift Community Policing Forum chairperson Petrus Nel, witnesses who were on the banks of the river at the Riverside Eco Estate, saw a car stop on the bridge. After getting out of the vehicle, the occupants were then seen throwing something into the dam.

The fishermen and campers became suspicious and at some point called police, who made the gruesome discovery. At this point, authorities can’t tell how the man died, but one thing is certain – there was foul play involved.

Pretoria murder: Police looking at CCTV footage

As part of their investigation into the murder case, Pretoria police are also looking throw security cameras, with the hopes of finding the culprits. The identity of the victim remains unknown at this stage and there’s no word yet on his other body parts.

“The head, arms and legs were not on the body. Whoever the person is, he is not from our area, as no-one has been reported missing from here. Police are looking at CCTV footage from the estate and other estates to see if they can identify the culprits,” Nel is quoted as having told TimesLive.

Nel says the community has been left gob smacked as a result of the unthinkable crime, which was confirmed by local police.

“Lots of people know of this road. It’s not isolated. There are lots of housing estates and schools along the road. The people who did this would have known of this bridge and the river. It is fortunate that the campers and fishermen were here, otherwise the body may not have been found for a long time.”

Kameeldrift Community Policing Forum chairperson Petrus Nel