High school principal sentenced life in rape case

Prison journalism. Image: iStock images

Man sentenced for murdering his 7-months pregnant girlfriend

A 24-year-old man has been sentenced to 27 and half years to prison for murdering his 7-months pregnant girlfriend.

High school principal sentenced life in rape case

Prison journalism. Image: iStock images

The Free State High Court sentenced  Thabang Patrick Lehahla 24, to 27 years and six months of direct imprisonment for the murder of his girlfriend, Tshepiso Innocentia Molupe 20, and revisited assault cases that were related to domestic violence.

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Pregnant woman assaulted and murdered by her boyfriend

On Sunday, 29 May 2022, Thabang arrived home drunk and a fight over money ensued between the couple. He assaulted the seven-month-pregnant girlfriend with his hands, a broom stick and stabbed her with an unknown sharp object.

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On the same day, at about 13:45, Thabang’s mother arrived from Church and found the deceased murdered and lying on the floor of the house, not responding.

She then contacted the ambulance as well as the SAPS and Tshepiso was declared dead by the emergency services.

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The accused fled the scene and later arrested

The murder accused suspect had already fled the scene, with no leads on his whereabouts.

Through Detective Warrant Officer Rodger Kirkpatrick’s thorough investigation, the accused was traced and arrested on the same day at a house nearby.

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During the investigation, Warrant Officer Kirkpatrick obtained a profile of the murder accused suspect and re-opened nine contact related cases, which are gender-based violence cases where the accused was involved as the perpetrator.