In another blockbuster episode of #PodcastAndChill, MacG puts all his chips on a DA government – Photo: MacG / Twitter

‘Voting DA would IMPROVE South Africa’: Podcaster MacG gets political

Using an analogy about lube, MacG told his #PodcastAndChill audience that backing the DA could ultimately benefit South Africa.


In another blockbuster episode of #PodcastAndChill, MacG puts all his chips on a DA government – Photo: MacG / Twitter

We didn’t have ‘MacG coming out as a DA voter‘ on our 2022 bingo card, but we suppose anything goes these days. The popular podcaster has made a stark admission on his latest broadcast, claiming that South Africans ‘would have a better quality of life’ under a blue government.

Who is MacG?

Needless to say, these claims haven’t gone unchallenged. Debate is currently raging on social media, and MacG himself is in the firing line. But that’s nothing new for the #PodcastAndChill host. He’s as good as bulletproof when it comes to taking these kind of shots.

The DJ and broadcaster recently returned from playing a number of shows in the UK – Photo: MacG / Twitter

MacG believes DA ‘could solve national problems’

MacG certainly didn’t hold back on this occasion, openly admitting that he feels the DA would be capable of bringing an end to load shedding and improving infrastructure across the country. He acknowledged that the party isn’t everyone’s favourite, leading him to share this lurid analogy.

“Isn’t it time we just gave the DA a chance? Don’t you think we would have a better quality of life? I know people have reservations about them. Either way, if we’re going to get f***d… at least f**k us with lube.”

MacG on the DA
  • Indeed, the entertainer says that dumping the ANC in 2024 would help turn South Africa into ‘a first-world country’

“How can people not see it? If the DA were to come into power, we wouldn’t have things like load shedding. Our infrastructure would be better, as would our roads. Things would work like a first-world country. If we’ve got electricity, if the roads are working, if my kids are safe, it works.”

MacG on the DA

Steenhuisen And Chill? Popular podcaster offers support to DA… sort of

It’s a pretty handy image boost for the DA, who now seem to have the backing of someone who is reaching millions of younger listeners each week. Somewhat ironically, MacG had Julius Malema on his show just last week, allowing Juju to speak about his own political ideology.

Alas, judging by these clips, the EFF leader didn’t do enough to talk the host into swapping his headphones for a red beret.