Watch Malema to AfriForum video

Julius Malema is once again set to lock horns with AfriForum – Image: Twitter / @EFFSouthAfrica

AfriForum use #StopMalema website to SLAM Juju’s ‘extreme rant’

AfriForum now have a website dedicated to ‘stopping’ Julius Malema, and they’re using it to raise a new complaint about the EFF leader.

Watch Malema to AfriForum video

Julius Malema is once again set to lock horns with AfriForum – Image: Twitter / @EFFSouthAfrica

Julius Malema is once again in the headlines for his controversial statements. The EFF leader stated over the past weekend that his supporters ‘must be ready to kill’ for a party-led national revolution. However, AfriForum are now taking the political firebrand to task.

This is the banner AfriForum are using to express their opposition – Photo: AfriForum

Did the EFF leader call for supporters to KILL?

Referencing the armed struggle of the ANC against apartheid, Juju predicted that a similar thing would have to happen in South Africa again, in order to achieve racial equity. Attendees at the rally cheered and clapped as Mr. Malema openly pondered more bloodshed…

“A revolution demands that there must be killing at some point. Why did Nelson Mandela take up a gun? He wasn’t doing it to distribute roses. It was because the revolution reached a point where there was no other option but to kill. Why must we be scared?”

“It is in the best interests of the revolution. The EFF has said it will take power by all means necessary. Revolutionaries would not think twice about it. This is no time for cowards, and South Africa is no playground for racists. You will meet your maker.” | Julius Malema

AfriForum spooked by EFF leader remarks

The whole affair has irked AfriForum, and then some. The lobby group have a colourful history with Malema and the EFF, with all parties often clashing in the courtroom. Indeed, another legal battle could be brewing here – and the SA Human Rights Commission may get involved.

AfriForum have pushed their #StopMalema website, in order to encourage South Africans to raise a complaint against the 41-year-old. According to the organisation, they want the SAHRC to fully hold Malema accountable for his ‘violent rhetoric’.

“Julius Malema said during an EFF rally in the Western Cape that ‘you [EFF supporters] must never be scared to kill’. AfriForum demands that the SAMRC investigate Malema’s comments and that they take an uncompromising stance and act against this violent rhetoric.”

“AfriForum calls on its members to help put pressure on the SAHRC to urgently investigate Malema for these statements through the website – this is the easiest way to submit a standard complaint.” | AfriForum statement