SRD grant sassa

People queuing outside a post office to collect their R350 SRD grants.
Photo: Mkhuseli Sizani/GroundUp

R350 Grant: ‘Only 48 hours left’ for claimants to re-apply for April payments

Those claiming the R350 grant now only have a matter of days left to re-apply for the SRD fund, if they want to receive a payment for April.

SRD grant sassa

People queuing outside a post office to collect their R350 SRD grants.
Photo: Mkhuseli Sizani/GroundUp

Millions of beneficiaries who receive the R350 grant from SASSA have been urged to file their re-application forms ‘within the next 48 hours’, if they want to receive their payments for April.

Deadline approaching to re-apply for R350 grant

The mad scramble has been facilitated by a change in legal policy. The R350 grant is no longer covered under the State of Disaster Act, and instead, it has been migrated to the Department of Social Development.

That has caused a tidal wave of confusion, and those who previously submitted their details to SASSA so they could claim the Social Relief of Distress grant are being asked to do the same again, before the end of the month.

Just over 48 hours left for April claims

At the time of writing, there is just over 48 hours left to go between now and the end of April. SASSA has made it perfectly clear that every recipient must submit their details by SUNDAY 30 APRIL 2022, if they want to receive their latest R350 grant. The agency has reminded its clients how they can do that:

“Those who previously applied for R350 grant are urged to re-apply in order to be considered this round of application. Applications should be lodged BEFORE THE END OF APRIL, to be considered for April payments.”

“New applications from people who meet the qualifying criteria who did not previously apply for this grant will also be accepted. You can apply via the website channel [], or the WhatsApp channel [+27 82 046 8553]. These channels will be open during the course of the week.”

SASSA statement

R350 grant latest: Who is now excluded from receiving SASSA’s SRD payments?

The sudden change to the policy also means that an estimated three million South Africans are now excluded from claiming the R350 grant, after being entitled to it for the past two years.

The income threshold for eligibility has been lowered from R595 to R350. This means that vast swathes of beneficiaries, who have a monthly income of R351 or more AND previously received social assistance, are no longer eligible.