Gupta brothers extradition

Photo: Flickr / Damanpreet Singh

Government makes progress in bid to extradite Gupta brothers

The Gupta brothers, considered key figures in state capture, were arrested by authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in June

Gupta brothers extradition

Photo: Flickr / Damanpreet Singh

The South African government has made some strides in its attempt to have the Gupta brothers extradited, so says Justice Minister Ronald Lamola.

Despite criticism, Lamola has assured South Aricans that the process to bring Atul and Rajesh back is right on track.

The Guptas are considered central figures in state capture, having allegedly used their proximity to former president Jacob Zuma to unduly profit to the tune of billions from lucrative government contracts. The family fled South Africa in 2018 shortly after Zuma left office.


Minister Ronald Lamola says his department has submitted a provisional warrant of arrest to the authorities in the United Arab Emirates where the Gupta brothers are currently in jail, getting the ball rolling on their extradition.

Lamola was speaking on the sidelines of the Cote D’ Ivoire State Visit taking place in Pretoria on Friday, 22 July 2022, SABC News reports.

“From the date of arrest the extradition treaty says that the extradition request must be submitted within sixty days the provisional warrant of arrest was submitted and the process has been ongoing  and there has been exchange and discussions between the two central authorities and also the prosecuting authorities of the UAE to ensure that the papers are compliant so I can assure South Africans that we will be able to meet the deadline.”

Justice Minister Ronald Lamola

Earlier, Lamola had said the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) first needs to submit a request to the Justice Department’s Director-General, who handles such matters, before the Guptas can be extradited.

The news of the Gupta brothers’ arrests has been widely welcomed by opposition parties and anti-corruption bodies, including the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) and Corruption Watch.