Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality R15 million stadium tender Lesseyton

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Not again! More ‘outrageous tenders’ in Enoch Mgijima, after R15m stadium farce

No lessons learned: After blowing R15m on a shabby stadium, Enoch Mgijama officials stand accused of TREBLING the cost of road repair tenders.

Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality R15 million stadium tender Lesseyton

Photo: Facebook

What is going on in Enoch Mgijima? The Eastern Cape Municipality shot to infamy in October 2021, after unveiling a shoddy sports stadium that – somehow – cost taxpayers a whopping R15 million. Fast-forward a few months, and it would appear that their careless attitude towards public funds has worsened.

Enoch Mgijima officials in trouble again

Local structures of the DA have been alerted to the latest set of questionable tenders, related to road repairs and general maintenance. Jane Cowley, the opposition’s Constituency Leader in Enoch Mgijima, is furious with the running totals of the project, with suspicious contracts valued at more than TEN TIMES the cost of their woeful stadium.

  • An estimated R162 million for ‘questionable road maintenance tenders’ was awarded in November/December 2021.
  • Makali Plant and Construction were employed to upgrade Fikile Gwadana Road in Ezibeleni.
  • The road is 6.7 km long… and yet, the tender was worth R98.5 million.
  • Internal road upgrades are meant to be far cheaper, averaging between R5 and R6 million per kilometre.
  • But in Enoch Mgiima, the rate for upgrading an internal road appears to be R14.7 million per k/m.

First the stadium, now this

Cowley firmly believes that these road service tenders have been awarded illegally. She has taken her qualms to the Eastern Cape COGTA MEC Xolile Nqatha, in a bid to hold these alleged fraudsters accountable:

“The awarding of these tenders by municipal officials in Enoch Mgijima would be in direct contravention of the terms of reference as set out by the Provincial Government, which placed the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality under administration in terms of Section 139 (5) in March 2020 due to poor performance and maladministration.”

“I have set a parliamentary question to the MEC for COGTA, Xolile Nqatha, to ascertain whether municipal officials or the administrator himself awarded the tenders, and if it was the doing of the officials, what immediate steps will be taken to reverse the tenders and to hold the implicated officials to account.”

Jane Cowley